May 2

In The News: Mich. man pleads no contest in Interstate 71 Greyhound bus ‘threats’ case

A Michigan man accused of mixing chemicals while making “threats against America” on a Greyhound bus was sentenced Friday by Medina Common Pleas Judge Joyce V. Kimbler.

Michael Walker, 58, of Traverse City, Mich., pleaded no contest Friday to disrupting public services, a fourth-degree felony. Prosecutors agreed to drop two additional charges: attempted arson and possessing criminal tools, both fifth-degree felonies.…

March 23

Ohio DUI Defense

Ohio DUI Defense is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

Being charged with DUI in Ohio can have a long-term effect on your personal and professional life. A conviction may result in a criminal record, incarceration, fines, civil penalties, loss of driving privileges and other consequences that will follow you for the rest of your life.

No one should face a DUI charge without having a Medina, Brunswick or Wadsworth DUI defense attorney in court to look out for and protect the person’s rights and interests.…

February 4

Ohio Drug Possession Charges

Ohio Drug Possession Charges: Complex and Tough

Recent media reports in Medina, Brunswick and Wadsworth of voters in other parts of the country going to the polls to legalize the use of marijuana in their states should not be seen as a trend toward the legalization of drugs in Ohio. Although Ohio laws were amended to decriminalize the possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana, you can still be charged with a minor misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $150 and the loss of your driver’s license for anywhere from six months to five years.…

January 29

Ohio Trafficking of Drugs Charges

Prosecutors in Ohio mean business with drug trafficking charges

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in Medina, Brunswick and Wadsworth take Ohio drug trafficking charges seriously. A great deal of time, manpower and money are committed to catching, prosecuting and punishing people who violate the state’s complex drug laws. Ohio trafficking of drugs charges can end in a felony conviction with substantial fines, imprisonment, forfeiture of assets, and the loss of your driving privileges.…