Practice Areas

The Law Office of Parker & Erb, LLC handles a wide variety of legal services throughout the state of Ohio. The bulk of our legal practice involves:

Regardless of the type of legal representation you need, you need an Ohio lawyer who will give your case the kind of detailed attention it deserves. You need an Ohio lawyer who is thoroughly acquainted with the laws of Ohio and you need Parker & Erb, lawyers on whom you can depend to bring strong representation to your case.

Criminal Defense

If you stand accused of a crime, you don’t want just any lawyer. You want Ohio criminal defense lawyers like Parker & Erb Law, who will go the extra mile to make sure that your rights are protected, whether through a plea bargain or by an aggressive defense in court.

Domestic and Family Law

Whether you’re going through a divorce, a child custody settlement, child support hearings, paternity hearings, or other domestic legal issues, you need an effective lawyer who will represent your interests. It’s critical during these difficult times to have your needs professionally represented by Ohio lawyer who are tough and fair, like Parker & Erb.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in an accident, whether it was a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a worksite injury, a slip and fall accident, or any other accident requiring medical attention, you may have a right to compensation. Ohio personal injury lawyers Parker & Erb fight to get their clients the compensation they deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and any other damages appropriate.