If you live in Medina, Wadsworth, or Northeastern Ohio and you’re still suffering the effects of your conviction after you’ve finished paying your debt to society, contact the Law Offices of Parker & Erb, LLC to discuss the possibility of expungement. In many cases, you can have your criminal record sealed, giving you a better chance to get a job, an apartment, and a license. You can have a new lease on life.

What is Expungement?

Expungement seals your criminal records. Law enforcement agencies and the court system will still be able to see your arrest and conviction record, but with everyone else, you will have a clean legal slate, making it just as if you had never been convicted. Whether you’re trying to find a job in Wadsworth, trying to rent an apartment in Medina County, or just trying to get past the stigma of a criminal conviction, an expungement can help you get a new start.

Navigating Ohio law to determine your eligibility for expungement isn’t easy and not all convicted persons are eligible for expungement.  A knowledgeable Ohio lawyer can make all the difference when trying to have your criminal record sealed. At the Law Offices of Parker & Erb, LLC, we will fight to ensure that you receive every benefit allowable under the law so you can get back on your feet and put your life back together.

Contact the Law Offices of Parker & Erb, LLC for a free consultation regarding expungements in Ohio. We work with Medina, Wadsworth, and Northern Ohio residents, offering several payment options for our tough representation during your expungement.  The Law Office of Parker & Erb, LLC offers flat fees for representation in most expungement cases. We accept most major credit cards for your convenience. You’ve paid your debt to society in Ohio. Now let us help you get your life back.