DUI Attorney: Difference Between DUI, DWI, and OVI

Many wonder about the difference between a DUI, DWI, and OVI. The truth is that, whatever you call your drunk driving charge, an experienced DUI attorney can help you navigate the legal system and fight your case. At Parker & Erb, LLC, our experienced DUI attorneys have years of experience helping Ohio clients charged with driving under the influence. Call us today and let us fight for you!

The Difference Between DUI, DWI, and OVI (and why you need as Experienced DUI Attorney for all three)

What is the difference between DUI, DWI, and OVI? The short answer is there is no difference. DUI, DWI, and OVI are all acronyms referring to the same charge: driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

While many Ohioans charged with OVI mistakenly hope that they are facing a lesser offense than a DUI or DWI, but that is not the case. An OVI is a DUI, and an OVI conviction can cause devastating consequences to your personal and professional life.

If you have been charged with OVI in Ohio, you need the help of an experienced DUI attorney.

How Can a DUI Attorney Fight My Drunk Driving Charge?

DUI attorneys of Parker & Erb, LLC have years of experience uncovering the many police and prosecutorial errors that can occur in DUI cases. From improper administration of chemical, blood, or field sobriety tests to Constitutional violations, our attorneys know how to identify the weaknesses in the case against you.

When facing the possibility of incarceration, fines and court costs, license suspension, loss of employment, and dozens of other collateral consequences that can tear your life apart, you need a tough and tested DUI attorney to fight for you. Whether battling it out in court or using hard-nosed negotiating tactics to hammer out a plea deal or battling in court, Parker & Erb, LLC will never back down and work tirelessly to obtain the best possible result for you.

OVI, DUI, or DWI. Whatever You Call It, You Need a DUI Attorney at Your Side.

Being charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be a frightening experience. With your life and your freedom on the line, the stakes are too high for you to settle for second best. You need the expertise, knowledge, and skill that only an experienced DUI attorney can provide. If you have been charged, call Parker & Erb, LLC to discuss your case.