Divorce Lawyer

Finding a divorce lawyer that can provide the best representation is essential to protecting your interests as you face one of life’s toughest challenges, the end of your marriage. You need someone sympathetic to your needs, but also capable of fighting to protect your rights and defend the needs of your family. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can mean the difference between a peaceful, efficient end to your marriage and a long, drawn out battle in the courtroom.

Parker & Erb Law offers divorce and family law services near Wadsworth, Brunswick, and throughout the Northeastern Ohio area. The firm is prepared to help you with your divorce and to make the transition out of your marriage as easy as possible for you and your children.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer Helps with All Aspects of Your Divorce

Different families have different priorities during a divorce. Some want to end the marriage as quickly as possible and will do whatever it takes to achieve this. Others are focused on the well-being of the most vulnerable members of the family – the children.

Whether you are ending a long-term marriage in which your lives will continue to be tied together for many years to come, or your marriage was brief and you have few shared assets or other ties, Parker & Erb can help.

Helping with the Issues that Matter Most during a Divorce

Divorce can be a complex process. Laws vary from state to state and if couples are struggling to agree on the issues at hand, the process of ending a marriage can be long and frustrating.

There are many instances in which a couple can have their marriage end quickly, but debate over various issues can ensue and escalate throughout the divorce process and the case may grow drawn out in court. If this happens to you, it is important to have a legal team on your side ready to defend your rights.

You deserve access to the resources and knowledge of an experienced divorce lawyer. Contact Parker and Erb Law, LLC today for more information or to schedule a consultation.