Family Law Attorney

If you are looking for an experienced family law attorney, Parker & Erb Law, LLC can help.

Parker & Erb Law offer family law services near Wadsworth, Brunswick, and throughout the area. They are prepared to help you with your divorce or with any other family law issue.

Legal issues related to your family can be complicated and emotionally challenging. Working with an experienced attorney can make the process less frustrating and can lead to a better result in less time and for less money. Whether you are ending a decades-long marriage, fighting for custody or visitation rights with your child, or dealing with any other legal matter related to your family, Parker & Erb Law can help.

Experienced Attorneys Provide Legal Advice during Divorce

Many legal questions arise during a divorce and you need an experienced family law attorney who can put your mind at ease. You have many important decisions in your immediate future. Let us help you navigate the often complex and murky waters of the Ohio legal system during your divorce.

Helping Divorcing Parents Protect Children

Divorce can be a complex process, but it is even more so when children are involved. In an ideal situation, parents put aside their own feelings and work to create a situation that is ideal for their children. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not the case.

Battles between parents tend to overlook the damage done to children of divorce. Sadly, it can have lasting effects and alter your child’s life forever. If you want to protect your children and you are concerned your soon-to-be-former spouse is unwilling to work with you, an experienced family law attorney from Parker & Erb Law, LLC can help.

If you are getting divorced and you intend to make your children your number one priority no matter what, we can help. Contact Parker and Erb Law, LLC, today for more information or to schedule a consultation.