Family Law

If you need assistance with family law issues, Parker & Erb Law, LLC can help.

Legal issues arise all the time within families, especially those that are undergoing transitions. One of the most common transitions in a family is divorce. Nearly half of all married couples choose to end their marriage and many of these couples are parents. If you are ending your marriage and you live in the Brunswick, Wadsworth, or surrounding areas, Parker & Erb can provide you with experienced legal guidance.

Lawyers Provide Legal Guidance for Divorcing Parents

We understand your most important asset is your family. Choosing to end your marriage does not change this, though it can lead to a great deal of strife. This is especially true when you and your former spouse do not see eye-to-eye regarding your children. When this happens and family legal disputes arise, you need an attorney on your side that understands the law and makes your family’s needs their top priority.

Divorce is complicated and emotionally challenging, especially for the youngest and most vulnerable members of a family. Working with an experienced attorney is one of the smartest decisions parents can make when ending their marriage. If you want to protect your children and make the transition to divorce as easy as possible for them, an experienced attorney can help.

Handling Your Family Law Issues with Respect and Dignity

Divorce does not need to be a battle between spouses. It is possible to end a marriage with dignity and respect, even if you are struggling to agree on a variety of matters. An experienced attorney will help you work through your unique family issues and transition through your divorce as efficiently as possible.

And when your spouse makes the process more difficult than necessary? Parker & Erb Law, LLC is ready to fight to defend your rights and protect your family.

If you are in need of divorce assistance or you have questions about a specific family law matter, contact Parker and Erb Law, LLC today to schedule a consultation.