Ohio Laws that are meant to protect children from being mistreated or improperly cared for by parents, custodians, or legal guardians give the state broad and sweeping authority to intervene in the life of a family. Allegations of child abuse, neglect, or dependency can end with the permanent termination of parental rights unless taken seriously and defended against by an experienced and knowledgeable Ohio juvenile law attorney from the Law Office of Parker & Erb, LLC.

Defending Against False or Exaggerated Allegations

Protecting children from abuse or mistreatment at the hands of the adults charged with their care is one of the most important functions of state and local governments in Wadsworth, Medina, Brunswick, and throughout Ohio. A report of suspected abuse or neglect to state or local officials sets in motion an investigative process that can lead to civil or criminal proceedings if the allegations are determined to be true. Under such circumstances, you need the Law Office of Parker & Erb, LLC fighting for your rights.

Problems frequently arise with allegations of abuse, neglect, or dependency. Under Ohio law, all reports of abuse, neglect, or dependency must be investigated by a public children services agency responsible for enforcing the child welfare laws in the county in which the children are located. Well-intentioned people who believe they are looking out for a child’s best interest can misinterpret the normal interactions between children and their parents with the end result being a complaint to children’s services and an investigation.

Even worse than a misguided but well-meaning individual filing a complaint is a report of child abuse or neglect that is filed as a strategic maneuver by one of the parties in a child custody or visitation dispute. False or intentionally exaggerated allegations of abuse, neglect, or dependency are common in custody and visitation fights. When used in such proceedings, concerns about a child’s welfare of the child are usually secondary to impugning the good character and parental fitness of the party against whom the allegations are made.

Defending Against an Unknown Accuser

Complaints filed with an appropriate children services agency in Wadsworth, Medina, or Brunswick are confidential under Ohio Revised Code section 2151.421. A parent, custodian or guardian against a complaint has been made cannot obtain the name of his or her accuser. Although intended to encourage people to report suspected child abuse, neglect, or dependency, the confidentiality law can act as a protective shield for those filing exaggerated or fabricated allegations.

As Ohio juvenile law attorneys, Parker & Erb understand the damage that false reports of neglect, abuse, or dependency can do to a person’s life. If an investigation or court proceeding shows the allegation to be false or exaggerated, the Law Office of Parker & Erb, LLC will use all measures at its disposal to protect a falsely accused client. This includes seeking criminal sanctions under Ohio Revised Code section 2151.421 against the person making the allegations.

Effective Legal Representation in Ohio Juvenile Law Cases

Child abuse or neglect allegations generate extreme emotional responses from all parties involved. Children services agencies that investigate them and county prosecutors whose job it is to prosecute people under Ohio laws take all allegations concerning the welfare of a child seriously. The role of these public agencies is to protect the rights and welfare of children. They are not there to protect the rights of those accused of dependency, abuse, or neglect.

The worst mistake a parent, guardian, or custodian of a child can make is to assume that allegations of abuse of a child or failing to provide adequate care or subsistence to a child will go away on their own. Dependent child, child abuse, and child neglect proceedings have the potential for the removal of your child into protective supervision on a temporary or permanent basis.

The Law Office of Parker & Erb, LLC is there to protect your rights and fight on your behalf when allegations are made that might jeopardize your relationship with the children in your care. Battling against government agencies can be a daunting task, but Parker & Erb will be there to review the law and the facts of the case with you and design a defense strategy to challenge the prosecutor’s case.

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